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Amazon’s new ‘same-day nodes’ will displace postal deliveries

By Brian Livingston The market dominance of Amazon in online retail is well known. But what’s less understood is the effect the corporate giant’s expansion into superfast delivery services will have on the US Postal Service and private parcel companies. Marc Wulfraat has extensively studied Amazon’s plans in the United States and 22 other countries…

Batteries so powerful they do everything but fly

By Brian Livingston There are times when I’m power-mad — I just want the biggest battery available to power my laptop, my phone, and heck, maybe a cup warmer for my coffee, too. I’m not going to drag around a cart with a propane generator just so I can compute. Fortunately, power banks that can…

Surf the Web — even when your ISP is down

From the February 8th version of the AskWoody Newsletter By Brian Livingston It’s a well-known subset of Murphy’s Law: Your Internet service provider will go down at the worst possible time for you. When my ISP goes dark, whatever boat I was trying to float becomes pretty much dead in the water. On occasions like…

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